cTreatment was created with a better and faster recovery in mind as well as the well being of the patient. Because of the attention given to the reduction of swelling and pain and a shorter, safer recovery time, physiotherapists greatly benefit from using cTreatment in their patient’s treatment as well.cServer-small

Extensive in-house R&D began in 2004 focusing on the cause of swelling and pain; from this Waegener developed medical treatments based on local, computer controlled energy exchange with the human body, developed to limit the negative effects of the body’s natural recovery. Waegener cTreatments allow for continuous extraction of excess energy in a controlled and safe way, reducing the inflammatory reaction to the optimal level.
Patient and trauma specific, these standardized, reproducible treatments for patient rehabilitation are safe, reliable and user friendly. The physiotherapist is able to apply this treatment in the day-to-day practice.

Clinical experience using cTreatment has shown a number of wide ranging benefits for the medical professional :

Physiotherapist specific benefits

Better rehabilitation outcome

cTreatment limits the negative effects of the inflammatory response of the body. This results in less swelling and less pain after tissue trauma in surgery, rehabilitation and sports. Due to less swelling and less pain the patient will be able to start the physiotherapy sessions much sooner which of course results in a better and faster rehabilitation.

  • Early start of rehabilitation because of less swelling and pain
  • Increased effects of physiotherapy sessions
  • Rapid and effective rehabilitation

Easy to implement in standard routine

The fact that cooling only results in a positive outcome when the duration of the treatment is long enough and when the treatment is indication, phase of rehabilitation and patient specific leads automatically to computer controlled treatments to make the platform user and labor friendly.

The cServer touch screen interfaces is easy to use; selecting the indication specific cTreatment is done by some simple touches on the screen. You as physiotherapist decide where you implement cTreatment in your rehab protocols. This will be off course in most cases at the end of each rehab program of the patient.

The anatomical cPad is easy to fix around the injured body part. The body part specific cPads guarantee an optimal energy exchange.

Once the cTreatment is selected and the cPad is fixed, there is no need for control as the computer controls the whole cProtocol you selected. In the system – although the cServer is very stable – an error message is built in which provides optimal safety without extra control of the physiotherapist. So although effective cooling needs long periods of energy exchange, you as physiotherapist don’t need to control the cTreatment and can spend full attention to other patients you have to treat.

The cServer has a very low need for maintenance. When you respect all the time the eject procedure, you will have little to no technical problems at all.

  • Selecting indication specific cTreatment by simple touch on the screen
  • Implementable in your standard routine the way you prefer
  • User and labor friendly

High patient satisfaction

Less swelling, less pain, faster mobility, better rehabilitation outcome,  … are of course very important elements to have satisfied patients.

  • Less pain during and after the physiotherapy sessions
  • Comfortable rehab sessions
  • Increased patient trust