The cTreatment technology is based on years of in house research and development on the natural recovery capacity of the human body. cTreatment operates under the principle that temperature alone is not a sufficient or reliable parameter to successfully influence the patient recovery process, and that every phase of the recovery process should be standardized and reproducible.

This results in a technology that controls a number of parameters important for the recovery process, such as temperature, pressure, flow, time, as well as individual and trauma specific parameters.cServer-small



The server runs the most appropriate protocols based on various parameters and integrates patient specific information to ensure the best possible treatment.

The touch screen interface offers an intuitive display that allows immediate access to, and control over the cTreatments. The cServer is built with a closed system which is obviously very important for hygienic reasons.

The cServers is able to run cTreatments 24 hours a day (including at night) and has a low level of noise pollution. Both characteristics provide great comfort; the patient is able to limit the pain by frequent cTreatment use (even at night) and during sleep, the low noise cServer doesn’t disturb.



cPad-smallThe cPad is the link with the human body. It is specifically designed to provide optimal contact with the body to ensure the best interaction. The cPad design and technology guarantees a big capacity on energy exchange, precise contact temperature, which are key requirements for reproducible, controlled and safe treatments. The cPads are anti-allergic, latex-free and designed for maximum patient comfort.






Body specific cPads are available for the:

Shoulder human kopie Upper Arm
Elbow Lower Arm
Wrist Hip
Upper Leg Knee
Lower Leg Ankle




The cServer drives the cPads by use of the selected cProtocol. The cProtocols are specifically developed per indication and per phase of the recovery process.

Throughout the recovery process, patient specific treatment data is stored on the cPad. When connected to the cServer, the cPad provides the up-to-date patient treatment information via the RFID chip. The cPad can continue cProtocols and cTreatments on any cServer.

These well-defined protocols are easy to apply via the cServer touch screen interface.