About us

Since the establishment of the company in 2004, Waegener ’s sole focus for patients is to quickly regain their freedom after surgery, traumas and injuries with as little pain and pain medication. Waegener  cTreatment, an entirely new approach to recovery, combines pioneering patented technology and medical research to guide the natural recovery capacity of the human body. Our executives are committed to the highest standards of scientific excellence and integrity for the benefit of patients, the medical community, business partners, shareholders and employees.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Waegener is a leader in enhanced and controlled patient recovery with cTreatments. Waegener focuses on orthopedics, traumatology and sports.


Waegener’s entire focus is for patients and athletes to recover after surgery, traumas or injuries with as little pain and pain medication as possible. Waegener will continue to explore research driven solutions to improve the patient recovery process and supports global strategic partnerships with companies of equally rigorous standards and dedication.


Excellence and innovation through Research and Development. Waegener is dedicated to continuously improving health care practices with extensive research and clinical studies.