Waegener's cTreatment moves recovery forward

cTreatment limits the negative effects of the inflammation reaction - the natural recovery capacity of the body - using scientific, reproducible protocols. This leads to a shorter and safer recovery with less pain.

cTreatment guides the inflammatory response

Inflammation is the body's natural defense mechanism: it protects the body from further tissue damage and initiates tissue healing. Unfortunately, inflammation also has several side effects like swelling, pain, overheating, immobility and stiffness. This physical overreaction often hinders a quick and complete recovery.

cTreatment guides this inflammation process, by limiting the negative effects of this natural reaction of the body. By specific heat extraction from the inflammation area, cTreatment strengthens the effect of the body's own defense mechanism.

A shorter and more optimal recovery with less pain

Limiting the negative effects of the inflammation process leads to a shorter and less painful recovery.

Limiting swelling and pain ensures that patients feel more comfortable, recover and regain their mobility faster. Which leads to a better muscular control in an early phase of recovery. It also leads to a shorter hospital stay which means cost saving without any concessions to quality. By limiting pain through the use of cTreatment, the need for pain medication is reduced, which facilitates and accelerates the recovery.

The standardized and reproducible cTreatments supports the medical professional.